PulseX is a Uniswap Hard-Fork that enables you to exchange tokens (PRC20s) on PulseChain.

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PulseX is the largest crypto sacrifice ever initiated in an effort to create the most liquid Decentralized Exchange on the market.

The Most Liquid Exchange:

Built on and for PulseChain.

PulseX seeks to not only build a better Ethereum, but to give its layer 2 solutions a new structurally sound home.  Through an Innovative user onboarding method known as “Sacrificing”,  PulseChain has had preemptive dedications worth over Half a Billion Dollars.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will PulseX Launch?
PulseX's launch date is unknown. It will launch alongside PulseChain, which is also unknown.

If I missed the sacrifice, can I still acquire PulseX?

Yes. Upon launch, PulseX will be available to swap for on the PulseX DEX.

Is this the same as PulseSwap?

Yes. PulseSwap was a placeholder name. PulseX is the official name.

Will I be able to store PLSX on my MetaMask Wallet?

Yes, you will only need to switch to the PulseChain Network in your wallet to see your PLSX.

What will PulseX be worth?

PulseX will be launched at a 0$ quantity and its price will be determined exclusively by the open market.

Why isn't "Insert other Sacrifice on Pulse" being recognized for $WAIT?

Either the sacrifice has not been completed or there is not enough public facing data for a reasonable claim process to be created.