PulseChain is an EVM-based chain launching in 2022. Pulse will clone Ethereum's entire system state creating the world's largest airdrop.

Freedom of Speech

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PulseChain prides itself upcoming launch on its Revolutionary infrastructure and opening tactics.  By enabling people to deploy money how they want, their freedom of speech and movement is protected.

The World's Largest Airdrop:

Ethereum Hard-Fork built for the future of Crypto

PulseChain seeks to not only build a better Ethereum, but to give its layer 2 solutions a new structurally sound home.  Through an Innovative user onboarding method known as “Sacrificing”,  PulseChain has had preemptive dedications worth over Half a Billion Dollars.



Frequently Asked Questions

When will PulseChain Launch?
PulseChain's launch date is unknown. Keeping a keen ear to the ground will ultimately reward you with more $WAIT as we all wait for launch.

If I missed the sacrifice, can I still acquire Pulse?

Yes. Upon launch, PulseChain will also have a Uniswap fork that you will be able to acquire Pulse (PLS) on.

What is $WAIT used for on PulseChain?

We are unable to state any potential future value or use case. There may, or may not, be further projects developed in the future that $WAIT is usable for. Other projects have in the past created a preliminary coin offering that had later utility without stating a direct use case on the front end.

Is $WAIT developed by the PulseChain team?

No. PulseChain and $WAIT are to entirely separate teams and have no direct ties. Coast develops dApps/Layer 2 solutions on top of PulseChain.

If I missed the Pulse sacrifice can I still receive $WAIT?

Yes, if you have sacrificed to any of the other 7 designated/acknowledge sacrifices. $WAIT will also be tradable for if there is a paired liquidity pool.

Why isn't "Insert other Sacrifice on Pulse" being recognized for $WAIT?

Either the sacrifice has not been completed or there is not enough public facing data for a reasonable claim process to be created.