PulseChain popularized the launch of a new cryptocurrency via a sacrifice for a political belief. Here are the 8 key sacrifices WAIT is supporting...

Pulse Chain

PulseChain is an EVM-based chain launching in 2022. Pulse will fork Ethereum’s entire system state creating the world’s largest airdrop and 80,000 new coins overnight.


PulseX will be the primary decentralized exchange built on PulseChain. It’s a V2 Uniswap fork that incorporates fee burning and advanced staking functions. 

Liquid Loans

Liquid Loans offers 0% interest free loans, giving access to a revolutionary form of leverage and liquidation. This is maintained by a minimum collateralization level.


Mintra is a ‘proof of stake’ Green NFT Marketplace built for the Future. Thanks to Ethereum’s ERC-721 protocol, NFTs have grown to dominate the blockchain space.


With the ability to auction off your stake mid deployment and utilize the “Proof of Exodus” function, Genius uses an AI-layer for enhanced staking on pulse chain.


Hurricash allows for private transactions via an immutable smart contract. With Hurricash, users can receive their crypto to a different wallet than initially sent from.
Developer: Anonymous Team


Protect your assets and earn with state of the art lending protocols. Phiat brings necessary tools to PulseChain to help ensure a wholistic financial ecosystem.
Developer: Consortium of Hexicans

Internet Money Dividend

 The concept is simple. Just hold your I.M.D. tokens in a wallet you own the private keys to, and claim your daily payouts of a blockchains native coin.