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Frequently Asked Questions

$WAIT is an ERC-20 smart contract that tokenizes time spent waiting for the launch of PulseChain

The free claim phase for $WAIT commenced on the 5th July 2022

Anyone who participated in one of the eight sacrifices listed on our sacrifices page. You can claim using your MetaMask account through our dApp or directly from etherscan. Currently we are supporting those that sacrificed from the ethereum network and binance smart chain.

No. We are unable to facilitate this.

We are exploring the possibility of including sacrifices from other chains but this won’t delay launch. It is possible we will allow this via a manual claim form.
Yes! We built the WAIT contract to allow for this. You can claim either one sacrifice at a time or all at once.

The Midnight bonus mimics the HEX BigPayDay. When HEX launched, it was given free to Bitcoin holders. Any Bitcoin holder could claim their free HEX, but only around 3% did this. While we anticipate a much higher claim rate from the PulseChain sacrificers, there will still be some accounts that do not claim their free $WAIT.

The Midnight bonus will distribute all unclaimed $WAIT from those that did not claim to those that did claim. Every $WAIT that you claim is also a share of the Midnight bonus. So the longer you wait to claim your $WAIT, the more shares of the Midnight bonus you will receive.

At some point, we expect a $WAIT holder to add liquidity to Uniswap, establishing a price for $WAIT and allowing anyone in the world to buy it through the Uniswap protocol. $WAIT will never be available for sale from the dApp since the contract does not technically own any $WAIT.
Yes. When PulseChain launches, the entire system-state will be forked and you will hold $WAIT on two chains. Also, you will be able to claim your midnight bonus on both chains separately. It will be interesting to see if providing eWAIT: WAIT liquidity on PulseX will be incentivised to receive Incentive Token (INC). Remember to vote!
Unfortunately, yes. Because we don’t have a fixed launch date for PulseChain, turning off $WAIT minting must be cancelled manually via Manager function. This function can only be performed one time on each chain. The Manager function halts all $WAIT claims, distributes the Midnight bonus and locks the Manager from all future non-public functions. From this point, the code is immutable. We appreciate that this is an imperfect solution. So if you could ask Richard to please tell us the launch date, we’ll hard code it into the contract.

$WAIT aims to tokenize and deliver value to people who have sacrificed for products in the PulseChain ecosystem. It hasn’t been easy, WAITING for PulseChain and enduring a tough bear market. We hope the $WAIT product can also help bring the community together.

WAIT was developed by the team at Coast. The best way to interact with us is on Twitter at @0xCoast.

The $WAIT smart contract has been audited by ‘SolidProof’ and received a certificate of compliance. We are certain the pulsechain community will also independently verify the simplicity and safety of our code. 

The $WAIT smart contract audit by SolidProof can be downloaded here.

$WAIT is designed to tokenize and deliver value to people who have sacrificed for products in the PulseChain ecosystem. Those who can wait the longest will receive the most $WAIT. After Pulse launches and the Midnight Bonuses are distributed, $WAIT will not have any future development.

We have seen multiple examples this year of tradable tokens developing additional utility that was not apparent at launch. This has been done in several ways, but in general, has provided an advantage for holders to participate in a new project. This is very interesting. 🥚

This is an important time to remember: “Not your keys, not your coins”

The TimeKeeper is an Ethereum/Pulse address. When PulseChain launches, it will receive 50% of the Midnight Bonus. It performs no other functions. You must have no expectations of profit from the work of others.