Internet Money Dividend

Earning digital yield without losing your coins

Freedom of Time

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Simply hold your I.M.D. tokens in a wallet you own the private keys to, and claim your daily payouts of a blockchains native coin.


Failure is not an option

Internet Money Dividend (IMD) is the first token of its kind. IMD was created to serve as a form of decentralized passive income. The concept is simple. Depending on which chain you hold IMD, you earn passive income in the form of that blockchains native currency.

I.M.D. Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I.M.D Launch?
Their primary sacrifice is complete, it is expected that it will launch with PulseChain and at minimum post PulseChain launch.

If I missed the sacrifice, can I still acquire I.M.D.?

Yes. Upon launch, I.M.D. will be available to swap for on the PulseX DEX.

Will I be able to store I.M.D. on my MetaMask Wallet?

Yes and no. You can hold your I.M.D. on your MetaMask wallet, but to earn your yield and the general swap fees you will need an Internet Money Wallet.

What will I.M.D. be worth?

On the I.M.D. page you can find their stated end sacrifice dollar to coin ratio.