The first Hyper-Yield, A.I. Blockchain Certificate of Deposit

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Genius aims to deploy an immutable smart contract on PulseChain that creates yield from users own interactions.

Self Made Yield

Built on and for PulseChain.

Genius expands the “certificate of deposit” as a product ecosystem, by building upon existing products, such as Hex, and adding new features.  With the ability to auction off your stake mid deployment and their “Proof of Exodus” function, Genius looks to grab a piece of the CD pie.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Genius a fork of Hex?

No. While they are both Certificates of Deposit using smart contracts, they are not the same thing. Genius implements its own code and admin functions.

Why is $WAIT supporting Genius if it is a Hex alternative?

We believe in providing our platform and claim to as many PulseChain users as possible. Unifying the community from the long $WAIT we all have partaken in. For each completed sacrifice and its community we want to provide a free reward for their patience and future involvement.

What is the overall yield attainable?

Within the Genius whitepaper their algorithm outlines the immutable yield function.

Is the $WAIT/Coast team partnered with Genius?

No. The Genius team and $WAIT team are not affiliated. The Coast development team does not work with any of the chosen sacrifices.