An NFT Marketplace for PulseChain. Freedom of Expression and Ownership with built in payback mechanisms.
The Greenest NFT Marketplace

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Mintra’s goal is to be the Greenest and most user centric NFT Marketplace exclusively for PulseChain.


A proof of stake Green NFT Marketplace built for the Future

NFTs have been commonly minted on the Ethereum blockchain, the second most popular after Bitcoin. One analysis found the energy footprint of the average transaction on this network is roughly 35 kWh — about the same as powering a refrigerator for a month. But NFT transactions also involve minting, bidding, selling and transferring a digital token. All these actions are costly, adding up to an average of 369 kWh — over 10 times as much energy. One researcher calculated that a certain artist selling two pieces of artwork used over 175 MWh, creating the greenhouse gas emissions of 21 years of a U.S. household’s electricity use.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will $MINT drop?
$MINT will be airdropped on PulseChain launch.

Will there be an audit?

Yes. We will be using Certik and RugDoc. These audits have not been completed yet because we are still working on the site. Once completed we will provide this information.

Does Mintra use admin keys?

Mintra will not have any admin keys regarding the protocols smart contracts or $MINT token. Mintra will have a very basic admin panel unrelated to the smart contracts for items such as, inputting featured users, featured artists, and add or remove categories.

Is there a whitepaper?

No. The website provides as much information as we feel comfortable sharing at the moment. If we laid out all details, some people may have expectations of profits.