A PulseChain leveraging tool for Hex, Pulse, PulseX, and Hedron

Leveraging Tools for the Future

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Phiat enables PulseChain users to earn yield and borrow against their assets, making users not need to sell their assets and reducing sell pressure in the process.

Leveraging on PulseChain Made Easy

Protect your assets and earn with state of the art lending protocols.  Phiat brings necessary tools to PulseChain to help ensure a wholistic financial ecosystem.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will Phiat Launch?
At minimum after PulseChain launches. Phiat is available to use on the PulseChain testnet.

If I missed the sacrifice, can I still acquire Phiat?

Yes. Leveraging and token acquisition will be available most likely on PulseChain and from Phiat directly.

Will I be able to store $PHIAT on my MetaMask Wallet?

Yes, you will only need to switch to the PulseChain Network in your wallet to see your $PHIAT.

Why isn't "Insert other Sacrifice on Pulse" being recognized for $WAIT?

Either the sacrifice has not been completed or there is not enough public facing data for a reasonable claim process to be created.