Liquid Loans

Liquid Loans is an algorithmic stablecoin developed on PulseChain that utilizes loan collateral and liquidation mechanics to maintain a 1USD peg.

New Age Loaning

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Liquid Loans offers crypto users a way to collatoralize your own assets with a 0% APR on the loan.

0% Interest Free Defi-Liquidity For Everyone

Liquid Loans offers 0% interest free loans, giving access to a revolutionary form of leverage and liquidation. This is maintained by a minimum collateralization level

Liquid Loans


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Liquid Loans maintain its peg?
While any algorithmic coin can be de-pegged, Liquid Loans' collateralization ratio and liquidation procedures insulate them to maintain their peg even in market downturns.

When will Liquid Loans Launch?

It is unknown currently when Liquid Loans will launch. It is being built on PulseChain; at minimum this means the launch date correlates with the layer one launch from PulseChain.

What is $WAIT used for in Liquid Loans?

There is no partnership of development or use case between $WAIT and Liquid Loans.

Are there any fees?

There are one time fees whenever you borrow and redeem using the Liquid Loans system. These range between 0.5-5% depending on loan demand

When do I payback a loan?

There is no loan payment schedule. You can leave your Vault open and repay as much as you want as long as there is a maintained collateral ratio of 110%.

Why isn't "Insert other Sacrifice on Pulse" being recognized for $WAIT?

Either the sacrifice has not been completed or there is not enough public facing data for a reasonable claim process to be created.